See you in
harbor of Crouesty at Arzon
From 21 to 23 june 2024
for 25th edition
of Armor-Cup

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The Rules

  1. Crews composition
  2. Insurance
  3. Sailing Instructions
  4. Challenge spirit
  5. The boat
  6. Pré-registrations and Communication
  7. Advertising
  8. Guest teams
  9. Qualification to the French Corporate Sailing Championship
  10. ARMOR-CUP trophies
  11. Housing


1 - Crews composition :

Five to eight persons aboard, belonging to Orange Group. Incomplete crews can look for team members among their financial partners. all team members must belong of Orange Enterprise (CDD, CDI) or must be retirement of Orange who had already participate at Armor Cup race.

Up to ten people can be part of the crew by rotating out. However, a core crew of four members (necessarily including the skipper) must be on board during all the races.

2 - Insurance :

All crew members must have a license from either the French Sailing Federation or the French Corporate Sport Federation. Medical certificate not necessary now for temporary licens.
A deposit for the boat rental is requested together with your registration. The deposit amount is decided by the rental company.

3 - Sailing Instructions :

The Sailing Instructions will be distributed to crews on the first day of racing.

4 - Challenge spirit :

Challenge spirit : the Armor Cup is a friendly competition, which aims at bringing employees together to this annual event.
Fair-play, sailing rules observation and courtesy are key to make this event a success.


5 - The boat :

This regatta, of the Orange ArmorCup Group Sailing Challenge will be raced on Grand Surprise type sailboats, compliant with the rules of measurement.


6- Registration document and Communication :

The registration of crews for the Armor Cup is done in several stages and the number of crew accepted depends on the available fleet:

1. Pre-registration takes place in December: at the close of pre-registration, the organization selects the retained crews and puts the other crews on the waiting list.
This is the Major stage which definitively closes the list of crews.

2. Registration for the regatta (navigation package) takes place in January with a fixed settlement commitment date at the beginning of March, if crews withdraw, the organization frees up space for crews on the waiting list.

3. The crew registration (catering package) is done in March with a fixed settlement commitment date in early May.

Note that the pre-registration and registration criteria are displayed in our communication to the crews and on social networks. The organizing committee communicates regularly on social networks, Plazza being our reference site.

7- Advertising :

The organization committe don't allow any external partner display.


8- Guest teams :

Every team can invited 2 persons for both night party (friday and saturday) and on VIP boat only Saturday journey


9- Qualification to the French Corporate Championship :

Armor-Cup is trusted with 2 spots to the French Corporate Championship. They are allocated to the first second teams of the general ranking that represent french entities. If one of the qualified teams doesn't want to or can't take part to this Championship, the offer will be extended to the next crew in the general ranking.


10- ARMOR-CUP prizes :

ARMOR-CUP trophies are awarded every year. They will be donated as a perpetual trophy should a team win the same challenge three years in a row.

  • The "ARMOR-CUP" trophy is awarded to the first-ranking Orange Group crew in the general ranking.
  • The "POULIE D'OR" trophy is awarded to the second-ranking Orange Group crew in the general ranking.
  • The "AVIRON DE L'ARMOR-CUP" trophy is awarded to the last-ranking Orange Group crew in the general ranking.

    11- Housing :

    The organisation committee does not manage the accommodation of the crews. However, close to the ports we choose for our regattas, you will have no trouble finding rentals or campsites on the Internet.